Sell Your Car in Basildon

Sell Your Car in Basildon

Essex Car Buyer will pay fair prices for cars!

Essex Car Buyer is an Essex-based vehicle trading specialist, formed over seven years ago. We buy vehicles in various locations, one of which is Basildon. Essex Car Buyer's connections with a large number of professional traders allows us to offer you incredible quotes, whether you want to sell a Peugeot or a Land Rover.

Our business was formed to provide people with a fast and hassle-free way of selling their car or commercial vehicle, as we know how awkward it is to secure a good deal. The team at Essex Car Buyer has a wealth of experience in the used car trade which gives us certainty in our ability to get you an unbeatable price.

With Essex Car Buyer you will not be made to pay hidden fees, unlike many other vehicle traders, and if you decide to trade your vehicle with Essex Car Buyer, you will only ever deal with used car and van experts Chris and Stewart, who provide an individualised service, making sure that you, as the customer, always come first.

Complete our online quotation application today to discover what your old motor could earn you! This won't cost a thing and you won't be obliged to go through with a deal. Essex Car Buyer will get back to you with a generous offer almost instantly, and you will have plenty of time to think about it. If you are happy with the proposed price, take your car to our base in Wickford, which is a short drive from Basildon.

Basildon is situated just 10 minutes from Essex Car Buyer. Follow the A130 and keep left to merge with the A132; from there take the second exit on the roundabout on to Woodham Road which is where Essex Car Buyer is situated.

To sell your old vehicle swiftly and easily, choose Essex Car Buyer. Give us a call today to learn more about finding a brilliant deal on your car or van.

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