Sell My Car in Old Harlow

Sell My Car in Old Harlow

Trade in your car or van in Old Harlow with Essex's number one car buyer!

Fed up of having to cough up for your car's upkeep and tax? It may be to time to consider selling it. But how? You may not want to the hassle of sales people trying to get you to advertise with them, and selling to a private buyer comes with the risk of fraudulent payments, but administration charges that you may incur with vehicle purchasing companies can be high.

Essex Car Buyer can solve your problem! We will not make you pay any administration or advertising fees and our payment methods are 100 per cent protected. We know how complex it is to sell your motor, so we have built Essex Car Buyer with our customers in mind. Our team of experts is dedicated to ensuring that you receive a fair deal without any hassle.

We take pride in our efficient and helpful service, which will take the stress out of vehicle sales. At Essex Car Buyer, we purchase compact cars, family cars, crossovers, people carriers, vans and trucks from a huge variety of makes and have relationships with more than 4000 traders wanting to make generous offers for your car. Our highly competitive quotes along with our unrivalled customer service is what makes Essex Car Buyer the best car and van buyer in Essex.

Give us a call on 01268 766722 or complete an application form on our website for your no obligation vehicle valuation today, or better still, visit our friendly team in Wickford and we would be more than happy to discuss your options.

From Old Harlow, Essex Car Buyer is straight down the A12 and onto the A130. Take the A1245 exit into Wickford and make your way to Woodham Road where Essex Car Buyer is situated.

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