What is a car inspection?

At Essex Car Buyer, as the name would suggest, we buy cars! We can offer a guide price on what your car could be worth, but it all comes down to one thing – the vehicle inspection. Here’s some more information about what it is and how we inspect all potential cars…

The vehicle inspection is a chance for us to look over the car we are taking off your hands and to give a final valuation on what we will pay for it. We check that the car matches the information you provided to us in terms of the mileage, condition and other key factors. Our team are all expertly trained so they will work with you on looking at the specifics and intricacies of the car.

The Exterior

We will look over the bodywork and alloys to check it matches up with what we have written down. We look at dents, scuffs, bumps and scrapes to the bodywork and bumpers.

A tip from us is to get anything like this fixed before you come to sell your car, as it decreases the value significantly, for something that is easily sorted!

The Interior

As well as the aesthetics of the car being what you expect them to be, we will check things like the heating, air-con and electric windows. We will also have a look over the dashboard lights to check they are all in working order.


Whether your car is a runner, or a non-runner will affect the price we pay for it. We will start the engine to see what kind of car we have on our hands.

Steering and brakes

Nothing major, but we will make sure your car is capable of these two things and perform a couple of manoeuvres.

This is just a guide and where necessary, we will carry out more checks too. But once the inspection is complete, we will be able to offer you a final price for your car – then we can take things from there.

Sell your car in Essex with us. Get in touch to see what your car could be worth and to book a vehicle inspection.